Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen
8 months ago

S1E2 - Centering to Lay Hold on Words for Good

Words are a big deal. They can bring joy, give belief and change perspectives. But very few people learn the talent of laying hold on words. In fact, two different people can hear the same words and one lay hold on them to change their life, and the other pay no attention at all. In today’s episode, McKay examines the power inherent in our words and how to channel it in positive directions. McKay begins with a humorous look at the labels we assign ourselves, reviews a study about the impact of words, and demonstrates the power of the words we use with ourselves. Our host then explains the notion of laying hold on words, illustrating it with a chilling experience from his own life, and citing a study which revealed the two contributing factors to being able to lay hold and act on words. He draws this fascinating episode to a close by exploring the practice of centering and extending an invitation to action for listeners this week. By taking the time to focus your attention on what McKay has to share here today, you will be rewarded with learning how to center in your life and lay hold of words to change you for good. The Finer Details of This Episode: ·   Assigning ourselves labels ·   A study about the impact of words ·   The power of the words we use with ourselves ·   Laying hold on words ·   McKay’s harvester accident and the words that gave him hope ·   What he learned during his recovery ·   Words creating reality ·   The findings of a study on how people face their biggest challenges and win ·   The two contributing factors to being able to lay hold of words and act on them ·   What centering is, where it works extremely well, and how to develop it ·   McKay’s invitation for the coming week Quotes: “One word, one thought, can change our perception of ourselves and what we think we can do.” “You have a purpose and you are made to be exceptional.” “I quickly grasped the fact that I was about to die, and, honestly, the pain was so extreme that I wanted to die. I just wanted it to stop.” “With each one of his declarations, I started to lay hold on what he was saying. I started to believe.” “There’s great power in being able to see your future.” “He gave me a new belief window.” “They were able to lay hold of words that they had heard or read and use those words as the catalyst and motive for change.” “They were humble enough to seek, to want, the words, and faithful enough to place trust in those words that they were hearing.” “Words have power to change.” “Centering, giving all you have to the task at hand, helps us concentrate our power.” “Centered people have the ability to transition and deeply immerse themselves in the next task very quickly.” “Try to be more centered in your life, listen to words with humility and faith, and watch what happens.” Show Links: Open Your Eyes: 10 Uncommon Lessons to Discover a Happier Life