Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen
1 year ago

S1E7 - Finishing What You Started

If you’ve ever set a goal, but life, circumstances, or even your own self-doubt got in the way and it just slowly disappeared, you are certainly not alone. That is precisely why today’s episode is all about determining your true identity, working toward living that truth, and crossing the finish line that will get you there. Listen in as McKay shares the steps and strategies that will help you let go of your old story and write a new one that will set your course of action to resurrect and achieve those goals. Through some of his trademark inspirational stories and an exploration of the ‘X Factor’, McKay highlights the power of knowing your identity, some ways to get to living this identity, directing energy toward your goal, and taking responsibility. Along the way he shares his perspective on running as a metaphor for both business and life, and his favorite short poem which offers a profound message. As McKay states, ‘you have greatness and power within you’ – join him today to learn how to access these God given gifts and to ‘finish what you started’. The Finer Details of This Episode: ·   The stories of Laura Hillenbrand, Nia Vardalos, McKay’s daughter, and Dr. Michael Kroth ·   The power of knowing your identity ·   Running as a metaphor for business and life ·   How to live your true identity ·   The X Factor and how to find and keep yours ·   McKay’s favorite short poem ·   Directing energy toward your end goal ·   Taking responsibility Quotes: “How did I get so far from my goals and the life that I imagined?” “We all find ourselves at times held back by habits, unmet goals, and life’s misdirections.” “She decided she would finish what she started.” “It is our decisions and not our circumstances that determine our destiny.” “You have greatness and power within you, and you are greater than your fears and stronger than your circumstances and more powerful than your habits.” “There is a goal calling you to finish what you started and you are more precious and valued by your Maker than you can possibly imagine.” “You have to put on your identity.” “Some of you have been retreating for a while trying to decide when you will finally let the spirit of what you felt inspired to be and do move you to write a new story for your life.” “When people are set aside and know that they have something worth fighting for they will rise to the level of performance required.” “Write the story that declares who you are, and part of that story is a clear vision of what you're trying to do and what it looks like when you cross the finish line.” “Change is not linear.” “You must be able to both see and choose your course of action to make that X Factor work.” “Clarity trumps persuasion.” “When we take responsibility, we move.” Show Links: Open Your Eyes: 10 Uncommon Lessons to Discover a Happier Life