Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen
8 months ago

S1E1 - Your Belief Window

What you can’t see, you can’t be. That’s why we all need a clear vision of who we are and what we can become. On ‘Open Your Eyes’, you are invited to join author and business leader McKay Christensen, PhD, to discover the steps to lasting change on your path to personal and business growth. From personal improvement to team leadership, get the insights and tools you need to open your eyes to a happier life. In today’s inaugural episode, McKay delves into your ability to change your belief window. Our reality is a reflection of our strongest beliefs, and we all have a belief window through which we shape, color, and filter what we experience each day. The tricky thing about our belief window is we place incorrect beliefs on our window like “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough,” but we can replace our belief window and when we do, we can change anything. Join the ‘Open Your Eyes’ podcast community today and take the first step toward seeing all that you can be and making that vision a reality. The Finer Details of This Episode: ·   The story behind the podcast’s name ·   Dr. Stephen Covey’s profound lesson that we all can change ·   Dabo Swinney’s story ·   Belief windows, how they can be changed, and McKay’s example involving his daughter ·   Tyler Vigen’s correlation research ·   McKay’s call to replace your belief window and how to achieve it ·   Subconscious thoughts guide our actions and how your belief window can change them ·   Research regarding the validity of self-talk ·   An example of positive, truthful and encouraging self-talk Quotes: “Even though he had lost his physical eyesight, he could still envision, he could still imagine his future life.” “A frog in a well cannot conceive of the ocean.” “This is a gift that we as humans have that no other animal has. We can see ourselves in a different situation than we actually are.” “It was kind of like Heaven was saying, ‘You can do this. I’ve got your back’.” “Your reality is a reflection of your strongest belief.” “Regardless of whether these perceptions are false or true, they guide your thinking.” “Our established patterns of thinking may bring unrelated factors together and treat them as fact when they’re not.” “You were not put here on this Earth to be less than.” “From this point on you can see with new eyes.” “It must be deliberate and positive.” “Your brain is naturally feeding you the negative.” “Self-talk works.” “By talking to ourselves, we become more deliberate.” “Most of all, remember that today is a new day, and that you can place correct beliefs on your thinking, and declare them into action.” Show Links: Open Your Eyes: 10 Uncommon Lessons to Discover a Happier Life