Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen
11 months ago

S1E15 - Following The Right Impressions

This week, McKay delves into the concept of following the right impressions and the impact that can have on our lives. How do you tell right impressions from wrong ones? How do you get into the habit of following the right impressions? McKay answers these questions and more in today’s episode. He begins by narrating the near-death accident that his family was involved in a few years ago in Northern Cincinnati, recounting the anger he felt towards the drunk driver who caused the accident and how he was going to do whatever it took to make him pay. After feeling pity for the driver and forgiving him, McKay found that following that impression of forgiving the driver has made him forgive others easily. He also reviews the science behind following impressions and also teaches about finding and doing what you love as the path to happiness. The episode comes to a close with McKay giving advice on how to use your educated self to follow right impressions and why you should record your impressions for an inspired life. The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The tragic accident in Northern Cincinnati
  • How following impressions impacts your life.
  • How do you decide what impressions to follow?
  • The tale of a married couple and a lamp.
  • The power that comes from doing what you love.
  • Differentiating purpose from profession.
  • The science behind following impressions
  • How does positivity affect our impressions?
  • Cultivating the habit of following impressions.
  • Using our educated self to know when to follow the right impressions.
  • Why you should save your impressions. Quotes: “That is how we felt on that special day - we had won the prize, we had walked away from the accident intact.” “That impression has helped me throughout my life. I forgave others more easily after that.” “I've learned in life that following impressions is a skill that you can learn.” “This way of living, of following a hunch now and then, is the faith that makes life worth living.” “Follow your bliss.” “There's a great feeling of peace that comes with moving towards what you love to do.” “It's not your profession that determines your calling in life. It's what makes you tick. It's your talent. It's your passion.” “Happiness is found in what we do, not necessarily in doing less.” “Find a job you like and you add five days to every week.” “Following impressions gives us energy and perseverance. ” “When we feel positive, we make better decisions. We follow our impressions better. ” “Positive energy and curiosity towards something automatically bring the right impressions to bear.” “Following our impressions or not following impressions does become a habit.” “As impressions come your way, don't lose them. Write them down and return to them.” Show Links: Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen