Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen
7 months ago

S1E6 - Get Out of the Murky Middle

We all get discouraged or are unclear about our goals or destination, and, as a result, we live in the murky middle. This week, McKay shares the powerful and instructive stories of some amazing women, explores the path to any worthwhile goal, and explains what the murky middle is, what leads to it, and how to stay out of it. He concludes by revealing the one characteristic that he knows will make all the difference in your efforts. Today, then, is your opportunity to learn with McKay how to let go of procrastination, get clear about your biggest emotional pull, and stop pretending. Following his experience, wisdom, and guidance, you will learn one clear practice that will bring clarity to, and immediately change, your life and business. The Finer Details of This Episode: ·   The stories of Tammy van Wisse, Florence Chadwick, and Sarah Thomas ·   The path to any worthwhile goal ·   The murky middle ·   Procrastination and ‘present bias’ ·   Overcoming the procrastination trap ·   J.K. Rowling’s story ·   The characteristic that will make all the difference to you in your efforts Quotes: “Knowing your destination is half the journey.” “Too often we're stuck in the murky middle, unable to really decide, because we haven't been clear.” “Nothing in life that's worth doing is ever done without immense course corrections.” “There is power in you to do what you may not think is possible, but you've got to get out of the murky middle.” “It's not a time management problem, it's an emotion regulation problem.” “The way to overcome procrastination is not a matter of finding more self-will, but rather learning to deal with our immediate negative mood.” “Every breakthrough requires a ‘break with’.” “When you give into that feeling of doing something you love, that you see is valuable or important, the voices of procrastination in your head are silenced.” “Exercise integrity in the moment of choice.” “God has given us a space between stimulus and response and in that space, in that moment, is where life's battles are won.” “Begin today to choose in that space to exercise integrity, and watch the strength, and power, and peace that will come to you in your life.” Show Links: Open Your Eyes: 10 Uncommon Lessons to Discover a Happier Life