Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen
8 months ago

S1E3 - Listen to the Right Voice

Each day a myriad of voices are speaking to us. Impressions, self-talk, voices from the past, the “shoulds” in our brain or a sudden sense of inspiration. However, we have a true voice, a right voice that speaks to us. How do you find that voice? Join McKay as he walks you through a simple exercise to learn how to find and follow your true voice. Along the way, he will also discuss the changes in perspective that occur throughout our lives, share some fascinating and inspiring stories regarding the potential and true voice within everyone, highlight the need to decide what matters most in your life, and emphasize the importance of focusing on what you love. McKay closes by offering some sage advice rooted in his years of experience and study which clearly demonstrates that, in the quest to find and follow your right voice, his voice is definitely the one you should be listening to today. The Finer Details of This Episode: ·   Changes in perspective ·   The story of Vincent van Gogh ·   Finding and listening to the right voice in life ·   The potential within you ·   The story of Lily and Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck ·   Deciding what matters most in your life ·   Your educated and deliberate conscience ·   Focusing on what you love ·   Dealing with people in our lives who hinder growth and change ·   McKay’s advice on starting or changing anything Quotes: “Teenagers will change your view.” “Look, you! You came out of my personal space!” “Like van Gogh, you have immense potential inside you.” “You have within you the DNA to make your life fabulous and remarkable.” “It is our decisions, and not our conditions, that determine our destiny.” “Things can be right in front of us, but we don’t see them.” “Whenever we begin something worthwhile, things get hard.” “Focus, almost exclusively, on what you love, and see what changes.” “Completely abandon your focus on what you hate – let it go.” “Give them a lifetime pass.” “You can still be happy today even though you haven’t achieved the goal.” “The minute you understand where you are and listen to the right voices, you will progress.” Show Links: Open Your Eyes: 10 Uncommon Lessons to Discover a Happier Life